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Trekking in Nepal

Nepal is popular destinations for trekking in the entire world. Actually Nepal bestows ample ranges of trekking alternatives from the easier to demanding, lengthy as well as exciting ones. The most well-liked ones are Everest Base Trekking, Annapurna Trek, Langtang Trek, Ganesh Himal Trek, Manaslu Trek, Dhaulagiri Trek, Rolwaling Trek, Kanchenjunga Trek and many other popular treks. And the most well-liked way of hiking in Nepal is to opt for the teahouse trekking in Nepal also referred as lodge trek along the frequently used routes.

Apart from the, breathtaking views of gigantic peak during the trek in Nepal, one can also have a sight of glaciers, enjoyable villages, attractive glacial lakes, dazzling waterfalls, rustic settlements, hilly landscapes, and several monasteries, chhorten, gombas, mani walls and the like. Nepal encompasses the highest peak in the world and definitely trekking to the base of the highest peak will be the lifelong chance. The serenity and magnificence of Nepal fascinates numerous visitors each year. Indeed, trekking in Nepal will let you experience a lot of features of Nepal including diverse traditions, natural diversity, numerous inhabitants etc.

Hiking in Nepal Himalayas, particularly in Everest and Annapurna are outstanding choices for trekking holidays. We, Himalayan Scenery will make the best effort to sort out your trek itinerary. We will offer a chance to study the natural prosperity of Nepal and to stroll around rural areas. You can rely on us for calm and memorable treks.

Trekking in Nepal : 2020

Makalu base camp trek

Duration: 18 Days

Makalu base camp trek is falls under the restricted area trek which is the base camp trek of world fifth highest mountain designated in Makalu barun national park. This trek offers the most breath taking scenes of the Himalayan of...

Upper Dolpo trek

Duration: 25 Days

Upper Dolpo trek is a rural hidden trekking destination in Nepal. This region is situated between the Tibetan plateau and the Dhaulagiri ranges. This trekking trail is a remote and unspoiled area near by the Tibetan border of Nepal. This...

Lower dolpo trek

Duration: 15 Days

Lower dolpo trek is another exciting trekking destination for that trekker who want adventurous trekking and which lies in the remote western region of Nepal.  The actuarial trekking in this region follows the hidden trail that is used by the...

Ruby Valley Trek

Duration: 16 Days

Ruby Valley Trek is one of the popular treks lying in central Nepal on veiled valley track. This trek bestows visit to Tamang and Gurung villages and stunning farm terraces. This isolated region is hidden between the popular spots of...

Kanchenjunga Trekking

Duration: 20 Days

Kanchenjunga Trekking is regarded as the wilderness trekking trails of Nepal. Kanchenjunga 8586m (3rd highest peak of world) situated at north east part of Nepal is the main attraction of this trekking. Kanchenjunga region is watched by Kanchenjunga Conservation Area...

Manaslu Tsum Valley Trek

Duration: 17 Days

Manasalu Tsum valley trek is journey to remote North mid West Himalaya of Nepal. It is a hidden valley of Manasalu area. Since many years trekkers are unknown about it. It has been around 10 to 15 years of getting...

Tamang Heritage Trail Trek

Duration: 14 Days

Tamang heritage trail trek is an exciting trekking in the Himalayan.  The trails offer the traveler a peek into the every day’s lives of Tamang people who are lived in mountain areas of langtang region and the people of this...

Nar phu valley trek

Duration: 21 Days

Nar phu valley trek is a fantastic journey in the wild and explored area. This route is located to the north of Annapurna. This trek takes us to the exotic and enthralling valley. This treks take you to the remote...

Mardi Himal Trek

Duration: 08 Days

Mardi Himal trek is the fantastic trekking route which is located just east of one of the most legendary trekking destination of Nepal. This trekking is a short and spectacular trip in the Annapurna region. It is the best experience...

Helambu Circuit Trek

Duration: 07 Days

Helambu circuit trek is also known as the Yolmo Heritage which is very much easy to trekking in this trekking route. Trekker wants to visit here for its natural beauty, Fascinating culture and favorable climate. Here the trekkers can experience...